Areas of Expertise

The right toolkit for building equity


Collective Leadership Development

Proven ability to develop and support under-represented stakeholders in realizing political targets, particularly for appointed commission service and other forms of citizen decision making.

Research and Evaluation

Practiced conducting research and developing research documents (including case studies). Experienced in working with staff and stakeholders to develop short and long-term evaluations for complex projects and programs in the public sector, private sector, and education.  

Program Development

Experienced in developing and managing programs that systematically address structural inequities, particularly within the context of education, public health, and racial justice. 

Coalition Building

Experienced in coalition building, with an excellent record as a community of practice convener and facilitator, particularly for geographically dispersed stakeholders with imperfectly aligned interests and motivations. 


Experienced in managing organizations, programs, people, and budgets and in mentoring others to fulfill management roles. 


Relationships across sectors and issues, with ability to build strategic networks to support new projects, particularly within the racial, economic, and public health spheres. 

Political Strategy

Expertise in leveraging appointed public service as a pipeline strategy for achieving other political goals, including electoral. 

Teaching and Presentations

Master teacher and presenter with a lively engagement style that translates well to both small-group and large-group gatherings. 


Educational background in movements and experience teaching best practices and lessons learned from public health and social justice movements in formal and informal contexts.